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Paintball Ghillie – 30 Second Modification for a Store Bought Ghillie Suit

Modify Your Paintball Sniper Ghillie Suit

When a store bought paintball ghillie suit comes off the shelf and into your hands, it’s hardly ready for use.  You’ll find the following HUGE problems.

Too shaggy – It’s like wearing a giant velcro cotton ball.  Everything, I mean EVERYTHING, will stick to you.  Twigs, leaves, thorns, Smart cars, small children, enemy paintballs…

Too shiny – The jute is necessarily covered in a fire retardant coating.  Ghillie suits otherwise double as tinder bundles.  We want the protection but it does give your suit a shine.

Too “ghillie-y” – You don’t look human, which is good. But you now look like a sasquatch.  Or a giant yarn ball.  Regardless, it’s more of a costume than an invisibility device.  Less is more.  Most commercial ghillie suits lean towards the “more” end of things.

This 30 second RIDICULOUS and VERY SIMPLE modification will at least make you look less like the Swamp Thing and more like the local environment.  If you do NOTHING ELSE to your paintball ghillie suit, PLEASE DO THIS.

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