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Paintball sniper training course?

So summer has hit and I’ve got a few weeks off from the usual awesome work I get to do.
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Paintball Ghillie Suit 30 Second Mod for Paintball Snipers

The paintball ghillie suit can be a wicked addition to the paintball sniper arsenal of tricks. Let’s be honest, right
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Paintball Sniper Interview with DownRange Magazine

I hammer home some CRITICAL skills and attitudes that make an excellent paintball sniper in this short interview I did
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Paintball sniper history lesson!

Where did the role of paintball sniper come from? Snipers through military history have played a major role but now their role is a science and an art form. As paintball snipers, we need to learn where we came from to know better where we can go with this role in tactical paintball.

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Paintball Sniper Marker – Ion Longbow for Sale

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