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Paintball Sniper Camouflage – My Top Three Picks

For my paintball sniper camouflage base uniform, there are a couple of key attributes I look for. Most camouflage companies, especially the hunting ones, fail in one key area. Their patterns are WAY too dark. Mossy Oak Breakup, particularly the earliest evolutions, are particularly dark. They are designed as a photo realistic pattern but beyond 10 yards, they begin to resolve into a dark blob. Your choice of pattern needs to be lightly colored and in the range of desert tans and coyote browns. These are universal colors.

Second, effective camouflage patterns need to adhere to an open layout. That is, they should give you the illusion of looking “through” them. This is often achieved by including very light spaces between the darker shades of the pattern. Creamy white and tan are excellent open colors.
Here are my top three faves with one honorable mention, in order of preference:

#1 – Mossy Oak Brush

#2 – Crye Multicam

#3 – Natural Gear

and honorable mentions to

#4 – Marpat Woodland Digital

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