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Paintball Sniper Q&A – Paintball bipods, ghillie suits, how to not get shot and more.

My new friend, Filipe, e-mailed me from Brazil and had a raft of really sweet questions, even if some of his English is rough around the edges.  And I think you have probably asked one or more of them.  So I posted it all here for your consumption.

Filipe! You rock dude! Thanks for the awesome e-mail. Totally made me smile.

A paintball ghillie suit looks like really fundamental to a paintball sniper. Do you have any tips do do may own ghillie? Any tuto or something… I have some ideas, but i think they are a bit… Wrong. :p

Ghillie – helpful but not necessary. Less is more. Custom build a ghillie suit. Use old camouflage pants, burlap and tan/grey/brown colors.  The store bought ghillies are, for the most part, too bulky, too dark and too flimsy

If i get caught? Like by a guy with a fully-auto marker… I know, if i do everything right, i won’t be caught. But when i still newb, you know…

If you get caught, do what you must to stay alive. Make it real. A real sniper wouldn’t just sit and take it. If your position is compromised, you’re screwed anyway in terms of camo. MAKE THEM CHASE YOU. The hunted always has the advantage.  P.S.  Shoot back.

One thing i were thinking about: When the match start, my team starts do advance, to meet the other team, and then start the combat. Me, as a tactical paintball sniper, should run to get a position, and there hold for any possible target? Or just move slowly… Like 1/4 speed?

Part of being a paintball sniper is the “one-shot, one-elimination” attitude. But the aspects of stealth and camo are extremely valuable tools in any situation. Use them. Maneuver for a stealth flank. Run fast to get where you have the advantage and then sit tight. Intercept them. Ambush them. And move slow if you need to. You have skills many players don’t have. Put them to work.

Well, now a bout the gear:
The paintball sniper marker! Its a hard question… So, now i am about to buy a Tippmann Alpha Black, as my woodsball/scenario marker. Do you really think its a good marker for sniping?

Anything with Tippman’s name on it get’s my nod. Very good. But the impact of a paintball sniper IS NOT about the marker. It is about patience and cunning. It is about stealth and camouflage. If you do it right, you should be able to use any marker that you’re comfortable with. That said, see the next point.

What are the qualities of a good paintball sniping marker?

Here are my “7 Critical Qualities of a Great Paintball Sniper Rifle” (and 2 Surprising Exclusions) –

Maneuverable, light, camouflaged, better than average barrel, small hopper, high pressure air, stock.  Forget the scope.  Forget the bipod.

What do you think about the coil remote? Would it be a problem to the camouflage?

Coil remotes are great for tactical play but not for a sniper role. It’s not a problem at all to camouflage but if you get into the deeper brush, it’s just one more thing to get tangled up.

A bi-pod… Would it be a good source to shoot while prone?

Forget the bi-pod.  You don’t need it.  It’s extra weight and bulk.  9 times out of 10, I’m in a sitting position or laying on my back waiting for the close range eliminations.

I’ve heard a guy say that pump action markers are the most acurate on the market. True?

Pump action markers are typically simpler and more efficient. Similar to a real bolt action rifle being more accurate than a semi-automatic. With a good barrel, pump guns are awesome. Not only are they effective but playing a stealth game with a pump will hone your skills to a razors edge.

Really, thank you for the questions! Great to get a note like this.

I hope it was helpful. Please pass forward this along to all your teammates and paintball friends.



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  1. branco
    Posted September 15, 2010 at 3:57 am | Permalink

    Hello everyone,

    I’d like to make a comment about the remote line. It is said to be not needed because it gets tangled in the bush, i disagree. I use a commando air thru stock on my tippmann 98c, which has the tip for the remoteline way at the back of the stock. When attached, the remote line goes right under my arm pit and then thru a whole in my ghillie to my guerilla extra small air tank (attached to my belt). The tank is a 120 shot tank, which also fits in some milsim stocks i think..

    When i camouflage the remote line it cannot be seen and does not gets in the way.
    It also makes my marker alot lighter.

    Well, thats about it.

    Greets form hoilland

  2. Brandon Addison
    Posted September 15, 2010 at 4:08 pm | Permalink

    I wanted to comment on the idea of having a hopper, I use a T68 paintball marker and it’s better not to have a hopper as a sniper, you want to keep a lower profile when engaging the other team, also a scope is a good thing to have, as a sniper if you can spot a threat from far away then you can warn your commander and other team members. You have many role’s as a sniper scouting is one of them. you are also a scout, as much as you are a sniper.

  3. adge
    Posted September 16, 2010 at 1:24 am | Permalink

    I would like to make a comment on a few things. i know every sniper has there own views neither right or wrong. This is just from my own XP:

    Ghillies: I have three my self and the best one is a burlap with a mesh suit (not netting) and I find it works great, it adds alot to your cam and stealth. Yes it is not necessary but it helps providing you have the mindset to use.

    caught by automatic fire. if your position is compromised chances are you are screwed unless you lay right down on the ground and wait for him to reload. but beware of someone trying to flank you at the same time. also, just because they are shooting in your direction doesnt mean they found you. They just have a rough idea of where you are and this is where your mindset kicks in.

    Bipods: i agree dont need them. They are only good for long distance sniping (first strike)

    I would stick with a tippmann that utilizes a cyclone feed and an x7 hopper or a 30 rnd hopper.

    remote coil: dont like em and never will they do get tangled up and as a sniper it is best to have your marker free.

    scopes: i think are a good asset to have for longer than your comfort zone shots but I prefer some sort of red dot sights or blade sights.

    Pumps: I have seen first hand at what they can do and I saw one of my teamates one ball a guy just over 100 ft. the only thing the pumping action may give your position away if you miss.

    that is all for now. Later snipers

  4. lone wolf
    Posted November 5, 2011 at 2:52 am | Permalink

    all of you have great opinions, i do agree being a sniper requires patience and skill, and some times its better to start sniping with basic gear before moving to advance( scopes, or bipods) since you need to learn how to use your marker. Ghillie suits, they are not necessary but if you are hardcore and if it gets you in the mood for sniping, by all meands go ahead. I have to go
    speaking of paintball my friends are calling me for that peace guys!

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