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Welcome to Tactical Paintball Sniper!

Hey everyone.  Welcome to the “Tactical Paintball Sniper” blog.  We’re just getting rolling around here.  It’s February 11, 2010.  Gotta be honest.  The winter’s got a hold of me and I’m ACHING for the grass to green up and leaves to bust out, just so we can get back to the field and start playing paintball again.

We’ve got some big plans for the coming season.  It seems to me that there’s alot of division out there around whether there is such a thing as a “paintball sniper”.  We’re going to answer that question here, once and for all.

In the coming months, we’ll be posting TONS of articles (70 already planned!), a bunch of videos (think, like, 20 or 30) and a few VERY unique interviews with some supa-skilled guests.

In the meantime, send us your e-mail address the form below.  We’ll be posting about 2x per week and want you to have exclusive and first-strike access to the info.  As a thank you for joining up, we’ll send you a free copy of my module – “10 Keys for Killer Camo”.

Can’t wait to meet some of you!

I’ll see you before you see me.


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