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Paintball Sniper Drills and Navy SEALs?

Navy SEAL snipers engaged multiple targets simultaneously.  (Read the real-life article here.)  This is a drill that I recommend to paintball snipers to improve communication between two shooters to achieve two eliminations with two simultaneous shots.

While it’s rare that this situation would come up, it’s still an excellent exercise for building communication between paintball snipers.

Objective: To improve communication between two paintball snipers to achieve two eliminations with two simultaneous shots.

Extra Equipment:

  • Shooting range with several targets varying in distance and description
  • Communication devices (optional)

Action: Each shooter takes up position on the range.  Shooter #1 picks and describes a target for shooter #2 and vice-versa.  One of the shooters is designated as the coordinator and he will count down to the shots.  At the agreed signal, both shooters fire a simultaneous shot at their given target.  If done correctly, only one shot should be heard.

Variations: If you’re able to use radios, you can add a whole new dimension to this drill by separating paintball snipers out of sight of each others targets.  Have a third person designate targets before shooters line up at the range.  Introduce stalking and movement by having third person set up a scenario with designated targets.  Have shooters stalk and set up for simultaneous shots from two different directions.  Insert an observer into the scenario.  (But, don’t make him a target!)


  1. Neil
    Posted April 29, 2012 at 12:46 am | Permalink

    thats actually very smart i would love to do that drill

  2. Ian
    Posted May 5, 2012 at 7:11 pm | Permalink

    My friend and I are the snipers and leaders for my team. We decided to have a practice day/ get together for some fun. After reading some of the tips on this website, I devised a practice that would give my friend and I good practice at stalking and taking out targets while also testing our teammates psychological capabilities. It was, the rest of the team went out, and my friend and I had to hunt them down and take them out, all within a designated area. Sadly though, I wasn’t able to make it to that practice.

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